How to Attach Windshield Wipers

Most windshield wipers like rain x wipers are always made with rubber, so wearing out is always fast.

Here are the steps of attaching you’re worn out windshield wipers.

Part one of the two steps- preparing yourself to change your wiper blades.

  1. You should know what part of the blade to change.

Three parts make up the windshield wipers. The lower arm wiper which actually stretches out to the windshield base, there is the metal blade that attaches to the lower arm and then the blade made of rubber that now facilitates windshield wiping.

  1. Measuring the size of the blade that need replacement.

You should use a ruler to measure the size of the old rubber blades to the exact size that you need to get. Then note down the measurements and go to the nearest auto spare parts shops and purchase the size that is accurate. You are always advised to measure each blade separately and not assume that they have the same size.

Part two of the two steps- attaching of the new wiper blades.

  1. You should lift up the metallic wiper arm a distance from the windshield.

The raised metal arm should be able to steadily hold in a perpendicular position to the windshield. You are told to be careful when positioning since the metal wiper arm is always spring loaded and it could back snap and damage the windshield.

  1. Detach the wiper blade that is old.

Look at the place where the rubber wiper blade and the metallic arm meet. A small stopper that is made of plastic should be there to hold the blade in perfect place. You should then hold the stopper and detach the old blade so that you separate the old wiper blade and the metal arm.

  1. Put the new wiper into place.

The place that you removed the old wipers is the same place that you are supposed to attach the new ones. Till the moment that the hook falls into place you should pivot it gently. Against the windshield you should then put down the wiper. You should repeat the same while installing the other wiper.