Flea Treatment for Dogs

If you live in areas where fleas are common, you might not be able to evade them in your home as well as the pets you’ve. In most cases, it is nearly impossible to get rid of the fleas from your pets if your home is infested too. Therefore, the two go hand in hand to be sure that there are no traces of fleas left in your home. To have the required results, you must treat yourself, your pets and your home. Flea treatment for dogs can be done using the following methods:

Cleaning their fur

This is done using an anti-flea shampoo which is very effective in killing the fleas found on the dog’s body. The shampoo forms a foam which not only suffocates the fleas but also kill them upon contact. If you don’t want to use water, you can dust your dog using an anti-flea powder which also acts the same way as the shampoo. However, while using the powder, consider having the right gear e.g. gloves and a nose muff to avoid inhaling a lot of the powder.

Using oral anti-flea medication

With the advanced technology, there are oral flea medications which are available in form of either beef-flavoured tablets or the soft chew tablets. The use of these medications is more convenient as the dogs easily ingest them and they can be effective to about 12 weeks. The only consideration in choosing the right type of medication is knowing the pests to treat your dogs from. If your dog has a variety of pests e.g. ticks and fleas, you can use a multipurpose drug to treat your dogs. Trifexis and Comfortis are examples of these medications that are commonly used.

Once you are done treating your dogs, washing their bedding and shelter with hot water should be the subsequent step to kill flea larvae. In case you do not have any expertise in doing the treatment yourself, you can hire a veterinarian to help you. The vet could be very useful in suggesting the right method or drugs to use on your dogs as they are more experienced and skilled in that field. It is also very wise to regularly treat all your pets to avoid heavy infestations in your home after a period of time.